Petting zoo

The farm yard in Komlóska offers amazing experience for the whole family. Horse riding, feeding the animals, collecting eggs and milking the cow! And the kitchen garden of the guest house, where our guests may do some gardening, if they wish.

Authentic Rusyn country House
in Komlóska »»

In the corner of this house, built at the beginning of the XIX. century on wooden foundation with wooden beam frame and woven, plastered walls you can find a heating equipment, which is the only remaining original “kabolás” (chimney, made of wood and hedge and plastered with mud) oven in the country.

Goat cheese from the mountain »»

Make your own artisan cheese in our cheese bar! Taste our products made of goat milk, quality controlled by the Gödöllő University. You can read more about the results of the research on our website.

Haluska syrups and natural juices

High fiber, premium quality products, prepared by traditional technology in the family owned processing plant in Komlóska. Costumers can buy these products in glass bottles.

Local products

You can surprise your family members and friends with gift hampers, consist of home-made jams and honey.

Pusztavár or Solymos castle

The castle was built in the XIII. century at 426 m above sea level. It became a ruin about six centuries ago. Today only the 1-3 meter high remains of the wall can be found, which cover the entire top of the hill. You can see the best 360° panoramic view from here.

Castles, palaces, churches

These places tell the entire history of Hegyalja. Rákóczi castle in Sárospatak, Castles of Füzér Regéc, Boldogkő, Rákóczi castle in Szerencs, Károlyi Palace in Füzérradvány, Rákóczi castle in Bors, Castle of Krasznahorka, Andrássy Palace in Betlér and the Cathedral in Kassa (Kosice).

Active recreation

“Komlóska Telér” educational nature trail, “Blue” hiking trail, Rákóczi hiking trails, Saint Elizabeth pilgrimage, Tarn of Megyerhegy and Mill-quarry, forest railway of Palhaza, Zemplen Challenge Land, Sátoraljaújhely.


This is the most famous, world-renowned grape- and wine producing region of Hungary. The Tokaji Aszú is the unique speciality of this wine region. In 2002 The Tokaj Wine Region was enlisted in the World Heritage List by The UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

Ceramics of Sárospatak

Visitors interested in the making of ceramics may visit the factory to see the production. If they are interested they can participate in a workshop, where they can make their own pottery.

Relax without tourist tax!